Group Seminarmore...

Topic: Scene Classification

Speaker: Chen Yunpeng

Time: Nov 23, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

Topic: Scene Parsing

Speaker: Jin Xiaojie

Time: Nov 16, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

Topic: 3D Face Analysis

Speaker: Xiao Shengtao

Time: Oct 19, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

Topic: Non-parametric Deep Learning

Speaker: Kang Bingyi

Time: Oct 12, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

Topic: Bi-level Optimization and Dictionary Learning

Speaker: Zhou Pan

Time: Oct 5, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

Topic: Hyper-parameter Optimization and VQA

Speaker: Ilija

Time: Sep 28, 2016; 7:30pm-9:30pm

Venue: E4-05-39

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MMM 16: Win­ner of Best Stu­dent Paper Award

The paper "Computational Face Reader" by Xi­ang­bo Shu, Liyan Zhang, Jin­hui Tang, Guo-​Sen Xie, and Shuicheng Yan, won the Best Student Paper Award in the 22nd Anniversary International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling held in Miami, USA dur­ing Jan 4 - Jan 6, 2016. ...

ICCV'15 300-​VW: Win­ner of Two Cat­e­gories

NUS-​LV's latest Facial Landmark Detection and Tracking framework won the first prize on the Category-​2 and Category-​3 in the first facial landmark tracking competition, 300 Videos in the Wild (300-​VW): Facial Landmark Tracking in-​the-​Wild Challenge & Workshop (ICCV 2015). ...

ICCV'15 TASK-​CV: Best Paper Prize

The Organization Committee of the Workshop on Transferring and Adapting Source Knowledge (TASK) in Computer Vision (CV), held in San­ti­a­go de Chile on December 11th, 2015, awards the Best Paper Prize to the manuscript titled "Return of Frustratingly Easy Domain Adaptation" by Baochen Sun, Ji­ashi Feng and Kate Saenko. ...

New Post­doc and RA Positions Available

Assistant Prof. FENG Ji­ashi would like to recruit two postdoctoral researchers and two research assistants. Please find more details in Job. ...

PRE­MIA 2015 Best Stu­dent Paper Award

Group member, Mr. LIN Min, received the Best Student Paper Award (Golden Prize) from Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence Association, Sin­ga­pore (PRE­MIA) for the paper Network in Network in ICLR'14. ...

NUS-​LV face recog­ni­tion 99.70% tops on LFW face dataset

NUS-​LV's latest face recognition solution based on deeper network-​in-​network reaches 99.70% on the popular LFW face dataset (joint efforts with MINIVI­SION research group [http://​www.​minivision.​com.​cn]), which is the best result ever reported. Please stay tuned for the solution paper. [Posted on 22/01/2015]

Dean's Chair

Dr. Shuicheng YAN is entitled "Dean's Chair" associate professor. ...

MSRA Fellow 2014

Canyi LU won the 2014 Microsoft Research Asia fellowship award founded on his series of research papers on "Block-​di­ag­o­nal­i­ty Pursuit". ...

Im­a­geNet ILSVR­C14 Win­ner: De­tec­tion Task with­out extra data

NUS-​team is winner in Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge 2014! It is great to see our "Network in Network" and "Deeper network in network" from Google winning detection and classification tasks retrospectively! ...

IAPR Fellow 2014

Dr. Yan is named IAPR Fellow for the contributions to computer vision and pattern recognition. ...

ISI Highly-​cited Researcher 2014

Dr. Yan is listed as ISI highly-​cited Researcher 2014 in http://​highlycited.​com/​. ...

PAS­CAL VOC2012 New Record: Clas­si­fi­ca­tion Task [93.0%]

Our group just released the new result on VOC2012 classification task, the performance is improved from best ever reported 0.828 to 0.930. See the PAS­CAL VOC leader­board and the manuscript, CNN: Single-​label to Multi-​label. ...

"Net­work in Net­work" Tops on CI­FAR-​10 and CI­FAR-​100 chal­lenges

Min and Qiang's paper "Network in Network" has been published in ICLR'14 conference, and it tops on CI­FAR-​10 and CI­FAR-​100 challenges currently. ...

MSR-​Bing IRC 2014 Win­ner

Our (former) lab member, XU Zhong­wen, the PhD student of Dr. Yi Yang, won the MSR-​Bing Image Retrieval Challenge, associated with ICME 2014. ...